In A House Divided, the United States is set on a road that will lead inevitably to war, as foreign events bring the country to the edge of bankruptcy and a degenerate President tramples upon the Constitution in a desperate effort to maintain his political standing.

Meanwhile, to the north, the same economic pressures that are driving America towards a deadly rendezvous with destiny blow apart the more-fragile Canadian federation, providing a preview of the carnage that awaits Americans if war cannot be avoided. Elsewhere, in America itself, the atmosphere of tension drives deranged men to dangerous acts of fanaticism that threaten to bring on the cataclysm that they seek to avoid.

There are disparate and desperate patriots determined to save America, but can their ambitions be reconciled with love of country or is the American republic as doomed as the Roman one before it?

With A House Divided, Adam Yoshida launches a new series that seeks to explore what could trigger a Second Civil War, how it would be fought, and what the final result would be.

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