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Justin Trudeau and the Quebec Political Establishment’s History of Wartime Disloyalty

If you found this week’s tiresome statements by our boy King-in-Waiting, Justin Trudeau, and Thomas Mulcair, who we sometimes forget is still technically the Leader of the Opposition, to be oddly familiar in an almost-unplaceable way, there was a good

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I Hate Justin Trudeau and You Should Too

I hate Justin Trudeau.  I cannot stand the sight of the man and his smug face.  I know that it isn’t fashionable to say such things.  We’re not supposed to “hate” people these days, for whatever reason.  But I absolutely

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The Environmentalist Manifesto: A Review of Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”

In reading Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything – a friendly-looking tome with a sky-blue cover – I couldn’t help but recall what Whittaker Chambers’ remark, in reviewing Ayn Rand’s classic that, “(f)rom almost any page of Atlas Shrugged,